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LensCrafters Lens Simulator Tool
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Amanda Rutheny
The Lens Simulator tool was designed once to live both at point-of-sale for LC reps to walk customers through their lens options and online for self-guided consumer usage.
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TRIA Beauty Website
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Ron Coalson
Launch of the new TRIA Beauty branding, re-architecture and redesign of

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Allergan Customer Engagement Portal
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Amanda Rutheny
To drive physician loyalty across Europe The Allergan Connect Portal allows physicians to experience training online, order products and connect with their reps and colleagues.

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BOTOX Therapeutic HCP Portal
XD: Tom Schneider | AD: Amanda Rutheny
The site provides customized experience paths per physician segments. It’s a one-stop-shop for physician’s training needs that includes a robust Learning Center, Tools and Resources section and easy way to order BOTOX. The site proved to be a great success driving 25% registration rates for users engaging with the segmentation module and 10x the typical registration levels for an HCP site overall.

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Natrelle Breast Implant UK Site
XD: Tom Schneider | AD: Martin Leone
Natrelle is the premier breast implant available on the market. Our goal was to drive awareness of Natrelle and, more importantly, help move women through the consideration cycle to ultimately seek a consultation. The site includes segment-based experience paths, a 3D modeling tool, an interactive physician locator and more.
IMA Award Winning Site
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