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TruckCenter Logo and were two of 7 different B2B .coms launched at Entrade in the dot-com hey day quickly turning a NYSE penny stock into the number 1 performing stock on the exchange for the year.

YardWorks Logo

Because of effective branding; when YardWorks opened for business, the reps continually reported how new customers talked of knowing of the company. The company quickly overtook its' long established competitors in new business acquisitions.

Trip Dealer Logo
TripDealer was an internet travel booking site back in the day.
  DownwardFacingDawg Logo
Downward Facing Dawg is a new jewelry & fashion brand
being launched in New York. Logo gained national noteriety, being requested by John Stewart's Daily show, featured in the New York Times, cable's CN8 and winning Best of Philly award for its' engaging content and fresh perspective.