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Helzberg ROCKS!
XD: Tom Schneider | AD: Amanda Rutheny
The Helzberg Rocks campaign was a cross-channel program (as seen in the program architecture diagram) designed to reach a younger male audience in the engagement category. The concept conceived in collaboration with Art Director Amanda Rutheny, beat out over 20 other agency concepts to make the final client presentation, proving Rosetta's creative chops and helping to win the account.
Manifesto Program Elements Program Architecture Campaign Microsite Detail Screen Mobile Application Manifesto Campaign Stuff Campaign Poster

Jersey Doesn't Stink
XD: Tom Schneider | AD: Douglas Rockhill | ACD: Kim Gallina
To raise awareness for High Point Auto Insurance, we conceived, designed and launched a movement rallying Jersey pride. Within 2 months we achieved over 130 free media coverage including national TV, radio and newspaper articles. The campaign has won 7 different awards to date.
Winner of 7 awards

Program Architecture Diagram Wireframe Campaign Microsite Sponsors Screen YouTube Channel Facebook Campaign

Juvederm Social Media Strategy
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Ron Coalson | AD: Amanda Rutheny
Taking a pharma company into the social media space is a difficult ask considering medical-legal considerations. We developed a phased strategy to drive brand awareness, sales, and physician loyalty.

Social Media Phases Program Architecture Program Architecture 2 Facebook Awareness Phase Facebook Engagement Phase

Pilot Pen Web & Social Media Campaign
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Ron Coalson | ACD: Kim Gallina | AD: Amanda Rutheny
The launch of the new Pilot Pen microsite and phased social Facebook strategy has resulted in 18,000 likes in the first weeks following launch.
Phase 1 Map Phase 3 Map Pilot Pen Facebook Page Pilot Pen Engagement Screen Pilot Pen Sign-Up Screen