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Juvederm Mobile Application
XD: Tom Schneider | AD:Martin Leone | AD: Amanda Rutheny
The Juvederm mobile app, rolled out across Europe was designed to drive engagement, brand and physician loyalty. It allows users to explore different facial beauty treatments, locate qualified practitioners.
IMA Award Winning iPhone App
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Face-To-Face Patient Consultation App
XD: Tom Schneider | AD: Amanda Rutheny
Designed to drive brand loyalty and improve sales of it's loyal customers the F2F application enables physicians to create customized treatment plans for prospective patients and tracks treatments creating electronic patient records. Physicians were wowed by its' release for the desktop environment and are now clamoring for the next version available on iPads. The application is currently patent-pending

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Rogers Salesforce Galaxy Pad Application
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Douglas Rockhill
Designed to drive greater conversions for sales reps in the field; the salesforce application connected reps with their vast cable offerings resulting in a 34% increase in sales during the initial rollout.

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DonationConnect iPhone Application
XD: Tom Schneider | CD: Douglas Rockhill
DonationConnect was conceived, designed, developed and released by a small volunteer team in a matter of days to help facilitate donations in the wake of the earthquake that struck Haiti in January, 2010. Donation Connect received an average of 4 stars on the app store and received positive press including a nod as one of the best charitable donation apps by Mashable.
Philly ADDY Award Winning Application
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